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Great read. I thoroughly enjoyed Paul Weinberg’s book The I Factor. Not only was the writing incisive, but the cartoons and quotations made reading the book an absolute pleasure. In fact, I have never had the chance to read a book in this format and wish more authors would mix their forms of communication within the medium of a book. I had the good fortune to meet Paul a few months ago and hear him speak about The I Factor. He is the genuine article, and I highly recommend attending a stop on his book tour or hearing him speak when you can.

Ralph Acosta // Dec 13 2012

I ordered the Kindle version and LOVED it!!!!! Easy to read, understand and the short chapters keep my interest. I ended up writing my boyfriend a 6 page letter to help us in our relationship and we live together. I am now aware of issues I have been dealing with in ALL my past relationships. Maybe one of the best purchases I have ever made.

RoRo // Oct 3 2012

Everybody has hopes and challenges when it comes to relationships and intimacy. This book is a great guide for everyone and anyone. It reduces all the issues you can think of with your partner/friends/loved ones to simple and understandable themes that really resonate. I thought I had been through it all, seen it all and heard it all. It wasn’t until I read this book that I realized how much I didn’t know. A must read for anyone who cares or wants to care about someone.

Harley Lippman // Oct 2 2012

Brilliant, funny, easy-to-read and a couple of wow moments that really got to me. Not only has this book helped with my personal relationships with friends, significant others and pointed out things I lacked in myself with my previous relationship but also with family. I didn’t realizes how many intimacy factors I was lacking in myself. Very shocking and eye opening to say the least. A must read!

Juls Bindi // Sep 30 2012

This book communicates the alchemy of elements that are necessary in developing and maintaining the type of intimate relationship most people dream of experiencing. Written clearly, with an elegant simplicity that is easy to digest, it speaks directly to the journey that can occur in our relationships. The Do’s and Don’ts to help us see what can happen and the ways to steer clear from those mistakes and onto a path of bliss and understanding that brings you to the essence of what you would want to experience in any intimate relationship. Anyone who is interested in looking at the building blocks that are necessary to developing the type of relationship that can manifest great happiness in their lives should spend the time to read this book. An effortless read with great depth, this book speaks to the heart of what is involved in creating a great relationship with your partner.

James C. // Sep 30 2012

I really enjoyed reading this book because it made me look at myself and my relationships in a different light. I would encourage all of my friends to purchase and read this book. I think we take relationships for granted and we all need to refocus on all aspects to make a healthy and happy relationship work.

Sweet Southern Peach // Sep 5 2012

These days most of us are SO busy multitasking, that nothing in our lives receives the ol’ 110%! If like me, you are feeling that you could improve the effort you put into the people in your life, then The I Factor is a MUST READ! Self-improvement books often scare people because of the commitment it takes to just get thru them. Do NOT be afraid of The I Factor! The authors have taken your 24 hour multitasking day into consideration, just the way you’d like everybody else in your life to! With each chapter only 2 pages long, you can gain life-changing insight in between replying to an email here or a text there OR, you can choose to devour it all at once. It will make you stop for a moment… think more deeply, feel more connected and even laugh wholeheartedly… at yourself of course! I love that!

Nikki // Sep 3 2012

Amazing book!!!! Must read whether you are having issues with your relationships or not. I could not stop reading once I started and helped me tremendously to find peace in me while I was going thru hard time with my personal relationships. Very easy to connect with your personal experience… no word can explain how great and yet fun this book is, unless you read the book yourself!!!!

Cathy L. // Aug 22 2012

The most helpful self-help book I’ve read. Excellent book. Very to the point and written for intelligent people who are typically too busy to read self-help books (which means that they’re too busy to be intimate). This book made me realize how crucial intimacy is to contentment and meaning, and the only way to avoid loneliness. It made me realize that intimacy takes work and energy at home, with friends and at work.

The book doesn’t criticize or pass judgment. It just speaks plainly. Unlike other self-help books covering a narrow subject, it never gets redundant. It makes a key point and moves on. I appreciate the avoidance of personal anecdotes. Anecdotes in self-help books often seem contrived, and if the reader can’t relate to the anecdote, the point being made becomes irrelevant. Great idea to break up each point with a cartoon or quote. It clears the mind so that the reader can refocus on the next point quickly and helps move the book along.

I’m not rich, but I have everything I need and more than enough of things I want. This book made me realize that if I achieve a more intimate life (both receiving and providing more intimacy), I will truly have everything I could ever want. Or, stated conversely, if one’s life lacks intimacy, having everything else still leaves emptiness.

Tenafly77 // Aug 21 2012

Much-needed, thought-provoking introspection. I live in New York City where relationships happen quick and often (just watch a few episodes of Seinfeld). When I began reading The I Factor I found that I was reading the words of people who were familiar with this world in which many of us find ourselves (i.e. an endless supply of masks; unwilling to show anyone what is underneath).

The advice is not too abstract and it is not preach-y but instead hits a balance of discovering deep feelings while providing real ways to practice intimacy. It is not an engrossing novel or a how-to book. It is a book that shows you how to look at yourself in ways you might never have before.

This book is not for people who think they have the perfect relationship or are scared of knowing themselves. Rather, it is for people who realize that relationships in their lives could be more genuine and fulfilling WHICH, IN REALITY, IS PROBABLY EVERYONE.

Richard Grenis // Aug 18 2012

Inspiring. Paul Weinberg and Susan Dyer have created an inspiring book with helpful and astute facts about intimacy. A great read with funny anecdotes and inspiring quotes, The I Factor is a MUST READ!

Wendy Starland // Aug 13 2012

Wonderful! Highlighter in hand, I could not put it down! It is my new bedside Bible. Helpful and inspiring. Love it!

Hensi Morris // Aug 12 2012

Amazing! After a terrible break-up, one of my dear friends gave me this book knowing that I have been looking for professional help. After reading a few pages I decided to buy it in iBooks because I could not put the book down! Needless to say that I finished reading the book in two days and I am constantly quoting lines from it in my conversations to other people. I highly highly recommend. I can’t say enough of the great help this book has brought to me. You will NOT be disappointed!

Lydia A. // Aug 10 2012

Just finished The I Factor and loved it! Everybody go buy two books, read one yourself and keep it around, and give the other one to a friend, family member or partner. It’s super fun to read, a reminder and great eye-opener. How many times have you done someone wrong simply because communication wasn’t quite working? Most of the time, we don’t even think about “how” to say something before we speak, although it’s exactly those “little how’s” “that can make a BIG difference at the end of the day… I can totally recommend The I Factor!

Kerstin Trimmel // Aug 8 2012

I received The I Factor yesterday and I am already halfway through it. It is an amazing and unique journey into one’s self and it opened me up to new ideas before I was 20 pages in. Thank you so much for making this available and I’m sure that it will benefit anyone who reads it. I really do support The I Factor! Good job.

Dan Didrick // Jul 10 2012

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    • Inspiring. Paul Weinberg and Susan Dyer have created an inspiring book with helpful and astute facts about intimacy. A great read ...