The I Factor™

Simple Insights for Connecting in Your Personal Relationships

Celebrity Endorsements

Simple yet powerful insights on how to connect – and what it means to connect – in today’s disconnected world. A must read!

Larry King Former host of Larry King Live on CNN

A book of bite-sized insights that often run deep…

Marianne Williamson Best-selling author of A Return to Love

Genius in its simplicity, this book captures the very essence of what we all want and aspire to in our close personal relationships.

Jack Canfield Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

An inspiring read for every “modern” man and woman on personal connection and how to create more successful relationships. Picked it up and couldn’t put it down.

Sofia Vergara Star of Modern Family

Terrific read that conveys powerful insights. I look forward to incorporating it into my life.

Scott Flanders CEO of Playboy

This book presents a complex subject in an accessible way. Its straightforward and common-sense approach to intimacy allows for instant application in your relationships.

Ann Christie Petersen Former host of Sex and Relationships on KMPC-710 Talk

Take two parts sound advice, mix in needed and well-selected humor, and with an economy of words, The I Factor is the recipe to strengthen or restore the intimacy upon which happiness depends.

Douglas Kmiec Lawyer, author, diplomat, father of five

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    Paul N. Weinberg and Dr. Susan A. Dyer are an ex-husband and wife who, over the course of nearly twenty-five years... Read more »
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    • Just finished The I Factor and loved it! Everybody go buy two books, read one yourself and keep it around, and give the other one ...